How the swiss forests can enhance your fine wines

La Tonnellerie

Unbeknown to most, the Swiss forest is home to a hidden treasure. The mythical oak – the undisputed king of precious woods – can be found here, often going unnoticed by the untrained eye. In some exceptional locations, slow growth in recent centuries has allowed these unique trees to acquire a quality that sets them apart from their so-called European equivalents.

We want to offer the most exacting winemakers the opportunity to discover and benefit from the unparalleled potential that the aromatic complexity and fine grain of Swiss oak offers. Following the practices of traditional craftsmanship, La Tonnellerie aims to assist winegrowers further in their quest for quality by offering a new source of casks and barrels which are guaranteed 100% local.

“Swiss Made”



Our wood originates from various forest basins in the Swiss Plateau region, as well as from the foot of the Jura.

We scrupulously inspect each individual log whilst still in the forest.

Throughout the selection and production process, we ensure traceability of each of the selected batches.


The wood is chosen according to the strictest selection criteria, determined in collaboration with our experts. We therefore reserve only a tiny portion of the wood that is offered for sale.

Only the finest and most aromatic woods are chosen, originating from the Petrae and Robur species.

The selected logs are all distinguished by the straightness and delicacy of their grain. In addition, a particularly high percentage of our wood can qualify for the "extra fine" designation.



Our logs are all cut individually by hand.

Splitting is done systematically. This technique, despite its low yield, is the only way to ensure perfect sealing of the staves.

The wood is dried in the open air, in our storage area in Valeyres-sous-Rances.

Following the method that our experts have developed means you are able to choose your barrel, with prior knowledge of its organoleptic effects on the wine produced.